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Good schools, safe neighborhoods with nearby amenities

We take great care when selecting homes to offer our tenants. We analyze the quality of schools, crime rates and look for nearby restaurants and retail.

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Customer Service

We’re obsessed with customer service. In a world full of bots and tech, we don’t think anything replaces a human. Of course, we have apps and tech as well for convenience. It is the 21st century after all. Just know that there is a human behind it and we take great pride in our response times. If we’re ever falling down on the job, let us know. We love feedback!

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Building Community

When you lease a COMMON GROUND home, you’re getting more than a house. We curate and suggest local activities, home design ideas, recommend family friendly restaurants, and much more. Sign up for our UnCommon Living weekly newsletter to stay in the know of what’s happening in your community.

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Good Design Is Important

Design is very important to COMMON GROUND. Good design can better support household activities and functionality. It can also create a more enjoyable experience for life. We offer homes that have relevant and current design to our tenants.

What People Have To Say About Us

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Common Ground and Ty have been very accommodating and responsive with any issues we’ve had in our home. I would recommend any of their properties to family or friends.

- Derrick Johnston